You MUST Have a Strong Homebuilder Website.

We all know that buyers use the web for everything. We all do. The home building business is no different. In fact, real estate is one of the primary industries on the web. However, the fact is that people don't buy your home because of your website as much as they don't buy. What we mean by that is that a poor home builder website hurts you much more than a good one helps you.

Websites are now an early "screener". If people don't like what they see in the first minute, they might go away and eliminate you and your homes from contention. Some homebuilders pour tons of money into a website that has all the bells and whistles, cool tools and modern tech, but lose sight of the main purpose for your website: to get people to contact you.

The website is an advertising tool. A good one can keep you on a prospect's "visit" list, but a poor one might actually cause them to scratch you off that list. There are proper ways to create a homebuilder website to do both...look & function great AND get prospects to call you.

Homebuilder Websites Are Different.

It is not like building a website for any other industry. Homebuilder websites are unique, and it takes a specialist in homebuilder websites to do it the right way. That is what Farber Marketing will do for you. And we keep it in the budget.